Yacht Management Sevices Turkey | Crew Management
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Owning and managing a yacht is an increasingly elaborate business. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified personnel who can offer support and advice to yacht owners and their captains to ensure that the yacht is being maintained, administered and operated to the highest standards.



Pruva offers a full range of superyacht management services capable of handling the full spectrum of large yacht operations, allowing us to individually tailor the specific support and services needed by the Owner.



Offering your yacht for charter allows your asset to work for you, earning you income when you aren’t spending time on board, offsetting the cost of ownership and even enhancing your vessel’s market value through a proven charter reputation.
Aside from the financial incentives for an owner, there are proven benefits to crew retention and morale, as a fully motivated crew will usually be a happy one. Your vessel will, accordingly, enjoy and benefit from regular and ongoing care and maintenance. As with any piece of sophisticated machinery, a yacht needs to be worked, as well as maintained, to ensure reliability.



In the technical and maintenance arena, the diverse backgrounds and practical experience of our staff provide a wealth of knowledge. Through visits to the yacht and working with the Captain in the selection and monitoring of vendors, contractors and shipyards, our staff will help to align maintenance and repair work with the budget and cruising itinerary. Pruva’s operations team will conduct a periodic review of vessel upkeep, planned maintenance schedules and other issues affecting safety and vessel operation, providing a written report of vessel status. Pruva can also assist the Captain and Owner with yacht registration and classification.



A yacht is nothing without an exceptionally skilled and experienced crew. Pruva protects you against possible headaches, so you can focus on enjoying yourself onboard and be taken care of by your first-class personnel.