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Göcek (named ‘Kalimche’ in ancient times) was conveniently located between Telmessos (today Fethiye) and Kaunos (today Dalyan).

Göcek would have remained a sleepy Anatolian town if a group of artists and poets (led by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and some fisherman from Bodrum) had not decided to cruise along the Turkish Turquoise Coast, in what was later called the ‘Blue Voyage’. It was during this trip in the early 1970s that the village of Göcek was discovered. At Bedri Rahmi Bay, a cove very close to Göcek, you can bear witness to their creativity – there’s a white-painted picture of a fish drawn by Bedri Rahmi himself.

Göcek was used during the Ottoman period as a harbour for the ships loading chrome ore. This was collected from the mines in the mountains nearby. The ugly, post-industrial buildings of that time have disappeared and have been replaced with a modern and beautiful marina, offering the highest standards to yachts and their owners, but also totally preserving the environment.

Göcek has been built with floating pontoons, thus ensuring perfect water circulation and a minimum impact on the shoreline. In 1988 this region was declared a Special Environmental Protection Area, and it has strict building controls in place.