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The Dalyan Delta is one of Turkey’s most wondrous natural phenomena.

At the head of the delta lies Lake Köycegiz, a large mystical lake that many years ago formed a natural harbour. Over time, silting has created a warren of reed covered streams that meander through the town of Dalyan, past the Carian cliff tombs and ruins of Kaunos and on to the fabulous golden sands of Iztuzu beach.

The region has been a designated wildlife sanctuary since the mid-1980s resulting in the delta being home to all manner of flora and fauna. The conservationists’ main efforts have been focussed on Iztuzu beach, which remains one of the last remaining natural nesting sites for Loggerhead sea turtles. Their success in keeping the developers at bay has ensured that the turtles have the beach to themselves at night, with the lights of Dalyan town a long way distant.

The entire region is a paradise for walkers, with endless treks winding along the riverbanks and through the reed beds. Wonderful treks can be taken, with trails leading directly from the house through the delta and into the surrounding mountains.

Another fantastic way to discover the region is by boat. River boats are readily available from the town and provide the opportunity to head upstream to Lake Köycegiz, choosing to stop perhaps at Sultaniye Thermal Baths or the simple mud baths – the latter admittedly touristy, but fun nonetheless. From here the boat returns past Dalyan and on past the amazing examples of Carian cliff tombs which lie just around the headland from the fascinating ancient Carian city of Kaunos that was founded around 9th century BC. When here, we recommend you climb to the top of the acropolis – the view is well worth the effort.